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Meet our Program Director

Dr. Tymera Hines, Psy.D., specializes in behavior management, and is an accomplished author and innovator.  With nearly a decade of expertise in case management, she has honed her skills as a senior-level administrator, creating impactful, evidence-based practices (EBP) programs and providing guidance to junior-staff and families. 

As a level senior clinical supervisor, Hines, conducts assessments, develops new treatment programs, provides field supervision, while balancing her growing philanthropic and entrepreneurship endeavors. Her desire to help others extends beyond her professional background. As an author, she wrote and published a youth-centric book entitled "Super Sense to the Rescue: Staying Calm in the Classroom and the Playground", a helpful guide for teaching children how to manage behaviors when feeling overwhelmed or nervous in social settings.

Work Style: When I look back over my moments in life, I hope to grab the highlighter not the white out.

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Camp Features & Activities:

| Outdoor Settings

Fresh air does wonders for children’s mental health and studies show it reduces levels of anxiety and improves mood and stress levels for the whole family. We’ll be soaking up the benefits of the sun and nature at local Culver City parks and playgrounds with a different theme each week from scavenger hunts to LEGO building, there's something fun to spark curiosity and creativity for ALL children.

Camp Park Day Schedule from 4-6PM:

  • Tuesday July 12th-Tellefson Park-11057 Washington Pl., Culver City-Featuring Star Eco Station endangered species presentation

  • Tuesday July 19th-Blair Hills Park-5950 Wrightcrest Dr., Culver City-Basketball & Soccer Sports Day

  • Tuesday July 26th-Lindberg Park-5041 Rhoda Way, Culver City-Featuring Professor Egghead LEGO build activity

  • Tuesday August 2nd-Lindberg Park-5041 Rhoda Way, Culver City-Arts & Crafts Day

| Special Event-Field Trip

Our communities are rich learning laboratories.  Immersing children in sensory activities where they can interact with the setting, strengthen observation skills, gain understanding, reflection, and connection, and can greatly enrich and expand a child's academic performance and personal well-being. 


Join us for a guided, behind-the-scenes tour with our favorite furry friends at the Annenberg PetSpace

Date: Wednesday August 3rd-Annenberg PetSpace

Time: 3-4PM *with open play immediately after at Playa Vista Campus Park from 4-5PM.

| Sensory Playspaces

Offer fun environments that foster learning, collaboration, exploration, and motivation to help all children in the areas of physical movement, sensory processing, collaboration, and social interactions, assisting all children in their neurological growth and development. Special 1 hour Parent Workshop for resources, strategies, and support.

Our final Camp session will be infused with creative play, movement, music, and more.  Hosted by Wild Child Gym, in the heart of downtown Culver City.

Date:  Friday August 12th-Wild Child Gym

Time 4-6PM

*Some activities subject to change due to weather, capacity or time constraints.

| Social Stories

Our camp is designed to encourage receptive and expressive communication, sharing, socialization, and teamwork through shared experiences and peer support. Stories benefit all children in helping to understand expected behaviors, work through interpersonal issues, practice conflict resolution skills, and help them understand new perspectives.

| Nutritious Snacks

Healthy snacks are offered at midafternoon, to manage hunger and provide hydration and a much-needed energy boost between meals. Pre-packed and assembled for kids to help prepare, spread, layer, or slice, these yummy snacks will satisfy their cravings and contribute to overall nutrition.  

| Mindfulness

Has plenty of benefits for children, creating resilience and promoting understanding of one's emotions and developing a deeper sense of knowing what they are capable of, hope, and a sense of giving, caring, and belonging.

| Using the Five Senses

We practice strategies for self-regulation and grounding techniques that revolve around the five senses of touch, taste, smell, hearing, and vision—for children to learn better control over behaviors and emotions in response to situations that overwhelm them. Deep breathing—as a relaxation and calming technique for kids—helps get more oxygen into their bloodstream, opens up the capillaries, and has a physical effect on the body. To help them feel less anxious or even just to pause and reset when they are at high energy

| Arts and Crafts

We encourage setting the digital devices aside and children making things with their own hands, helping to enhance fine motor skills and bilateral coordination. Also allows children to explore their creative talents with many materials, colors, shapes, and activities. There’s no limit to their imaginations.

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