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Our Resource Partners

We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate and cultivate a culture of inclusion with these dedicated community organizations. 

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BUILDER BEES Mission is to give neurodivergent girls* and their allies a group of friends and a sense of belonging, through meaningful participation in a community that accepts them just as they are.  They host monthly sensory-friendly activities and events empowering girls* to model active inclusion and acceptance of themselves and others.

VISIT HERE:  Builder Bees 

*Builder Bees uses the term “girl” when referring to cisgender girls, transgender girls, children being raised and socialized as girls, and anyone who identifies as female.

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Fit Kids America of Los Angeles County is an enrichment program specializing in after-school classes, lunch-time plays, seasonal camps, and more! Our mission is to MAKE FITNESS FUN by incorporating movement and physical activities through our programs. By incorporating movement at a young age, chances are kids will stay active into adulthood.

VISIT HERE:  Fit Kids America

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SensoryLaine is an inclusive online marketplace that celebrates diversity and holds intentional space for products/services that add value to the

lives of traditionally marginalized communities.

VISIT HERE:  SensoryLaine Marketplace

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MARKEISHA HALL provides IEP consulting, parenting tools, and travel tours and tips to create more inclusive educational and recreational opportunities for neurodiverse youth.  A wife and mother of 4 wonderful children, she is super passionate about all things helping families raising disabled kids be a part of their neighborhoods, schools, and communities.

VISIT HERE:  Markeisha Hall

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