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Our Story

We are mothers. Building a supportive community for families who need it most.

Dr. Stephen Shore, autism advocate and on the spectrum, famously said, “If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.”

That’s certainly the case with our two sons Bane and Dashiell. Both diagnosed as autistic by age 2, both very different in their special interests and behaviors. Bane more reserved, cautious, and compliant. Dash loud, impulsive and restless. Our connection began as Parents who lived in the same condo complex; we would go trick-or-treating together, our sons attend the same school. In the past 2 years our friendship as Mothers has grown closer, now both co-parenting our 9 and 8-year-old sons, we’ve come together with heightened purpose.

When we get together for playdates there is instant connection between the boys; they are thrilled to see each other; giddy with excitement to share new toys, train sets or video games; their personalities just seem to balance each other's.

We often talk about when they grow up, and hopefully the friendship will endure. We wonder, will they influence one another? Will the experiences they are sharing now have any significance as they mature? As Moms we sure hope so. But how do we know?

One, of many, fears is that when they transition into adulthood, and are faced with the many decisions, joys and disappointments, challenges, and pressures life presents; will they know they have a friend they can call to talk to? No judgement. Just a trusted, loyal friend—relatable—there during good times and bad times.

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Relationships don’t just happen, and true friendships can’t be “engineered.” They must be initiated, cultivated, maintained, and nurtured.

If we are serious about values of diversity, inclusion, mental well-being, and socio-economic opportunity for all our children, including those facing challenging conditions, isolation, rejection; and we want to raise kids to be adults who are resilient in their will and empathetic to others, we will need to do somethings differently. Adopt new tools, and approaches, and do the hard, yet meaningful work, with consistency, creativity, and compassion to see them through.

Community makes us stronger, and pro-active social participation and inclusion makes us much stronger. Building meaningful social networks for marginalized children and those with I/DDs, based on strong family, community and social ties is crucial to their socio-economic and mental health well-being. Enhancing their personal dignity, establishing equity, and a sense of true belonging—as mothers, this is our purpose.

“Friendship. It just makes sense."

Meet Our Team

We're creative, constructive,

and compassionate.

Denise LeMons

Co-Founder, President

Mom of Dashiell (Dash). Eternal optimist and purveyor of unlimited potential. Manufacturing, design and product management professional. Currently pursuing my purpose as a social entrepreneur, impacting change and opportunity to advance social inclusion, accessibility, and equity for neurodiverse youth of ALL abilities.

Work Style: Continuous improvement and connection through curiosity, and communication.

Josie Sandoval

Co-Founder, Treasurer

Mom of Bane. Expert in the financial services industry, specializing in securities and investments. Passionate about making the world the best it can be. Actively creating ample

opportunities for financial, educational, social and emotional success for my son and all children.

Work Style: Patient, protective and pro-active with a purpose.

Veronica Felix-Alfaro 


Faithful friend, confidant, and proud Mom.  Dedicated Sr. Coordinator, Executive Assistant, and part of the financial services industry.  Devoted to making us the best version of ourselves through love, kindness, and laughter. 

Work Style:  Patience with a lot of laughter makes the impossible, possible. 

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