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School's Out-We're In-clusive!

Register for Spring Camp and special drop-in sessions.

Our camp program is dedicated to providing a unique and immersive combination of inclusive recreational activities, arts and crafts, open play, physical fitness, sensory movement, storytelling, self-care, mindfulness and more!

ALL Camp sessions are held at El Marino Park & Recreation Building

5301Berryman Ave. Culver City, CA 90230-Sunkist Park

TFF Create & Connect Camp.png

Our 4-Pillar Program Sample Day Schedule⁣: 

  • 9:00 -10:15 Check-In/Play it Forward

  • 10:15 -10:45 Snack & Chat/Break

  • 10:45 -11:45 Join & Learn/Featured Activity

  • 11:45 -12:00 Open Play

  • 12:00 -12:20 Relax & Reset

  • 12:20-12:30 Clean up, pack up, get ready to go

These shared experiences help children practice their skills of communication and collaboration in a safe, supportive environment, while having a lot of FUN in the process. 

TFF Prof Egghead Inventiors.png

Build, mix, and experiment with Professor Egghead.  Taught in a fun and unique way, kids participate in an interactive project with a focus on experimentation and discovery while they have fun and LEARN about science.

Camp Jr. Inventors will use chemical reactions to create enough air pressure to blast off their own rockets. Parents/Caretakers are Welcome! 


.Experience A ZOOGA YOGA® signature class! Come with us on an imaginative yoga adventure around the world. Camp Jr. Yogis will develop their focus, strength, flexibility and coordination in this fun, ACTIVE themed yoga class. Kids practice the basics of a real yoga routine-breathing, movement, and visualization-through the use of playful yoga games, and easy yoga postures. Parents/Caretakers are Welcome! 


This HANDS-ON introductory woodworking workshop teaches the basic principles of woodworking. Camp Jr. Carpenters will learn to develop skills and abilities in problem-solving, craftsmanship, and using hand tools in woodworking. 

Kids will CONSTRUCT crafts to take home while learning about wood as a material and how to use hand tools properly and safely. Parents/Caretakers are Welcome!

Presented by The Home Ec Center

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